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Secret Statues in Central Park Tour

”  Secret “ Statues   in Central Park?


Allow  me to  introduce you to the newest statue in Central Park, Women's Rights Pioneers. While most people know Lady Liberty (who lives on her own island, and on another tour adventure  for another day)  there are many statues in Central Park that are a mystery  to most!


Prior to our meeting, we will have a free phone conversation(or email) to discuss your groups interests. Central Park has so many statues based on history, facts or fiction that  it is very hard not to find many statues that appeal to adults and/or children. Even teenagers can relate to some of these amazing metal artworks! We can even find the statues that can play instruments and dance around!


Also included in my  service is a detailed email I create and send you within 48 hours post tour. My goal is for you to be able to show off to your other friends and family all you learned on my tour (without  NYCindy present). This tour is part of my new “fact finding for locals” tour series for locals designed for NYC area residents has been created for local guests while we are in a limited travel situation.


Depending on how many statues viewed and so, how much time you want to spend in Central Park,  I can also include part of my “Midtown Madness “  tour( described in  my website). and so, we will endure tour  at Rockefeller Center. 


Please review my website, , to get an idea  of other places we can visit.


Tour Price:       English speaking tour $240 for (up to 10 guests). Premium charge for Greek, French  or Bilingual led tours.

Tour Duration:   2.5 hours

Meeting Place:  To be discussed prior to booking

Contact Info:     Phone - 646-709-8165, Email-

Let’s talk so we can walk and THANK YOU!!!

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