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Who is Cynthia (Cindy) Ladopoulos?

I am a NYC and Washington DC Licensed Tour Guide who was born, educated (at Barnard College-Columbia University) and who still lives in Manhattan.

What parts of Manhattan am I  familiar with? Although I currently live on the Upper East Side, I am an individual who is very familiar with all “hoods” in Manhattan.  I spent several years selling to clients in various NYC territories from the Financial District  to Midtown so, I am very familiar with those areas. Furthermore, most of my leisure  time  has been spent in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Harlem.

What makes my tours so special?
Whenever I’m leading a tour, I enjoy sharing information that is not in a general script. I want to ensure the group gets a unique and customized experience while having some fun! Frankly, I've been told by several guests on several occassions that I'm funny. I think they actually get a kick out of my spontaneous facial expressions and comments whenever we get shooed out of a place we snuck into (on our walking tours) or whenever I and the bus driver get mad at a  taxi trying to cut us off...


Furthermore, since I have extensive experience conducting step on/bus tours as well as walking tours, I have  acquired a unique awareness of how to view our buildings from top, middle and down and therefore how to photograph them at various angles and distances. 


Also,  my hobbies include , dance, painting, photography, as well as exploring new art exhibits.  Since  I am constantly attending cultural events in various "hoods" and I keep my own updated NYC event calendar, I truly enjoy sharing this information with my guests . I am constantly thanked by the tourists for this “extra” information I gave them .

How do I customize each  tour to fit the various audiences’ needs?
Since I have extensive experience with student groups, senior/adult  groups, corporate groups and families, when   going from Battery Park to Harlem, I already have a good sense of what sites and information the various visitors are interested in. Additionally,  since I was raised in Washington Heights, I can easily show off that part of town (i.e. Fort Tryon Park, The Cloisters etc) while describing the hood’s evolution from my childhood days(if they want something different).


I have also conducted several tours in Brooklyn and although I do not know Brooklyn as well as Manhattan, my Market Research background has helped   me quickly design a tour that concentrates on the audience’s area of interests.


Also, since I am fluent in Greek and French, I can conduct my walking tours in Greek,  French or ofcourse,  in English, .

Please note that before I plan a private tour, I conduct an extensive phone consultation so I can plan and customize the tour accordingly. I can be reached at 212-249-3663 and/or  please email me at

                                         THANK YOU!!!






Cindy in her "Empire State" mindset.

PHOTO CREDIT:    Diana R. Thompson



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